Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday night live

JOW students have been blogging away — all links at right. Check out these new or newish posts:
  • Evan Brunell moves toward unveiling his redesigned sports Web site.
  • Thomas Chen can't resist rubbing Game Six in our faces 20 years later.
  • Chris Estrada chomps down on some birthday cake to celebrate the iPod.
  • Rajashree Joshi attends a talk on how Google News is put together.
  • Jane Mackay plugs an FCC public hearing being held in Oakland, Calif.
  • Adam Marschilok scratches his head over real blogs by fictional characters.
  • Lisa Panora ponders the advent of virtual journalists reporting on virtual reality.
  • Chelsea Petersen calls our attention videos more serious than the usual YouTube fare.
  • Celia Soudry wonders about the reality behind those happy military homecomings.
  • Glenn Yoder's not wild about Rupert Murdoch, but respects his smarts.