Thursday, November 02, 2006

Around the blogs

Some notable posts from Journalism of the Web student blogs this week:
  • Feel the hate. Celia Soudry links to an anti-Israel rant posted on YouTube. The most remarkable moment comes near the end.
  • Garbage in, garbage out. Chelsea Petersen discovers that a New York Times interactive political map has some outdated information about the Massachusetts governor's race.
  • Pro-am conundrum. Chris Estrada finds an Associated Press story on the difficulties of incorporating citizen journalism into the mainstream media.
  • The e-Hot Stove League. Evan Brunell likes the Boston Globe's online guide to the Red Sox' off-season moves, complete with interactive multimedia features.
  • Share this story. Jane Mackay takes a look at how the Boston Globe and other papers are using social-networking sites such as Facebook and
  • Nine-figure milestone. Mike Naughton notes that there are now 100 million Web sites online. That's one for every three Americans.
  • Work-friendly networking. Rajashree Joshi wonders if the rise of business-oriented social-networking sites will be more accepted in the workplace than
  • Giving it away. Thomas Chen asks why he pays for Baseball America when it's now offering a podcast for free.